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Community Connect

At Macarthur Square we share the same local spirit as you and that's why we have proudly supported the community since 1979.

Community Connect demonstrates our continued dedication to helping the local community. Whenever you see the Community Connect logo you know that Macarthur Square is giving something back.

Community Connect assists organisations that are devoted to improving the community, such as supporting the less fortunate or helping the environment. These organisations play a vital part in shaping the lives of many Australians.

With Community Connect, Macarthur Square believes that together we can make a difference. If you have any Community Connect enquiries please click here.

Some of the organisations we’ve supported in the past 12 months include:

Macarthur Disability Services

Over 30 years ago Macarthur Disability Service (MDS) envisioned a world where people with a disability participated fully in society and were valued and empowered to realise their potential. This vision has inspired their goals to become a premier non-profit community organization in the Macarthur region across South West Sydney and the Southern Highlands.

Macarthur Square has generously provided ongoing support to MDS such as the annual Christmas Gift Wrapping Appeal and Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Appeal where Macarthur Square patrons can have their present’s gift wrapped for a gold coin donation. All proceeds are donated to MDS.

As part of Lend Lease Community Day, Macarthur Square has been involved in various initiatives to support MDS including:
  • 2011 - Macarthur Square helped created a sensory garden at MDS Tahmoor site. This included purchasing all the required equipment and volunteering time to plant the garden
  • 2013 - Macarthur Square rendered the front of the house and fence, installed a letterbox, planted a new garden bed and removed a tree stump from the backyard at MDS, Dumaresq Street site.
  • 2014 - Macarthur Square helped create a kitchen garden at MDS, Tahmoor site. This involved planting a number of cooking herbs to be used by their hospitality clients. All materials were provided by Macarthur Square.
  • “Macarthur Disability Services are incredibly appreciative of the ongoing commitment from Macarthur Square Lend Lease. Their financial and kind support has enabled us to continually improve our services and programs and enabled us to offer our clients opportunities above and beyond their wildest dreams. The projects completed by Macarthur Square Lend Lease will have a lasting impression and yield long term positive outcomes for our organization, our staff and most importantly the people we support”.

    PCYC Campbelltown

    PCYC aim to get young people active in life and develop their skills, character and leadership. PCYC also aim to reduce and prevent crime by and against young people. Macarthur Square supports PCYC by donating space for fundraiser activities

    “It is of great assistance to our small club in Minto to be assisted by a multi-national company with exposure in a world class shopping Centre”
    – Greg Howe, Campbelltown Club Manager

    Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army has been active in the Campbelltown community for over 50 years, the work is based around social welfare, counselling service, money care, family store and more.

    The Salvation Army has been given the opportunity over many years to have committed Salvation Army personnel at Macarthur Square, handing out the weekly paper “The War Cry” for donations towards their work in the community. Additionally each Christmas, for the month of December, the Salvation Army Brass Band play Christmas Carols in Macarthur Square.

    “We are extremely grateful to Lend Lease, Macarthur Square for the availability of the stand on a Thursday night”
    - Garry Cox (Major, The Salvation Army)

    Uniting Church

    Campbelltown Uniting Church has been in Campbelltown since 1846, located on the corner of Moore-Oxley Road and Allman Street. The church has a strong commitment to serve the people in the community as well as the wider world committed to social welfare and justice Uniting Church has initiated and managed the following five agencies:
    • Cottage Family Care Centre
    • Literacy Centre
    • Stepping Stone Community
    • Hurley House
    • Focus on New Families

    Uniting Church manually produce thousands of traditional Christmas Puddings to sell each year. Approximately 40% of the total Christmas Puddings sold is via the Macarthur Square stall, which is offered at no cost.

    “Without the support of Macarthur Square & Lend Lease Management, the church would not be able to achieve its sales needed for the support of the church’s social agencies”
    - Robert Bee (Puddings Project Coordinator Campbelltown Uniting Church)

    Orchid Society

    Orchid growers who are part of the Campbelltown & District Orchid Society Inc (C&DOS) showcase locally grown, prize winning Orchids bi-annually at Macarthur Square. The event is judged by accredited judges before the Orchid display to the The Orchard plants are made available to the public for purchase at Macarthur Square on behalf of the hobby growers at a reduced price.

    “Without the sponsorship that Macarthur Square provides the society would not be able to stage the show each year”
    - Evie Turner, Secretary, C&DOS

    The Veterans Recreation Centre

    The Veterans Recreation Centre (VRC) officially opened on 16th Feburary 1988 and has been classified as “Heritage” under the NSW Government Heritage Act.

    VRC aim to assist ex-servicemen and women in our community who are physically handicapped, house bound and socially isolated. VRC displays military memorabilia covering conflict in which our Australian servicemen and women have been engaged, from the Boer War in 1902 to Afghanistan. The display usually can be viewed from 9-12pm Monday to Friday at 303 Queen Street.

    “Macarthur Square has been assisting the Veterans Recreation Centre since 2000 by allowing VRC to sell Lucky Envelopes on a Thursday. This is not only a source of fundraising but allows VRC to promote our organization and provides a great social outlet for our volunteers. Thank you Macarthur Square”

    – David Pownall (Presidential, The Veterans Recreation Centre)

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