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Editorial Playtime Throwback

Posted on 18 June by

Embrace the Fun!

Remember how much fun playtime used to be as kids? The simplest activities would provide hours of joy, and the time never seemed to pass.  

We’re throwing back to those days of fun and laughter, with our list of indoor and outdoor activities that may have been forgotten. Get the family involved and bring back some of these much-loved traditions together.  

Chalk Adventures  

Swapping pencils, crayons and paint for a simple piece of chalk can provide hours of entertainment. Encourage the kids to get creative and use chalk on a concrete surface in the backyard, that can easily be washed away. They could try drawings, games such as hopscotch and noughts and crosses or design their own maze to walk, run or cycle through. Visit Eckersley's Art and Craft and stock up on supplies.

Magic Pictures 

Bring back your own childhood memories with magic pictures! All you need is paper, white crayons, watercolour paint, a paint brush and water. Draw or write secret messages on the paper in your white crayon, and let the kids paint over with their watercolour paint, magically creating a masterpiece. Flip the fun and have them create a secret letter for you to reveal yourself.  

Rain Potions 

With the winter months upon us, why not get the kids to create their very own rain potions? Grab some glass or plastic jars, and fill with different liquids that react with water such as food colouring, bubble bath, baking soda or washing up liquid. Pop them somewhere outside that will ensure rain will fill the jar and watch the rain potions appear.  

Hide & Seek 

An all-time favourite for the whole family to play – nothing beats the suspense of hiding in your secret spot waiting to be found. Twist Hide and Seek and maybe try a Scavenger Hunt, with secret ‘treasure’ to be found. Maybe even visit Smiggle at Macarthur Square and get some treats that the kids will thank you for.

Retro Gaming 

We’re loving all kinds of games right now, and there are some great classics to introduce to your family. Add Snakes and Ladders, Uno, Dominoes, Charades, Guess Who and Frisbee to your game list, you can find them from Gametraders.

Skipping Rope & Hula Hoops

Two of the simplest toys to play with, and yet so much fun! Teach the kids how to master the hula hoop and skipping rope, getting some great exercise at the same time.  

You could use the hula hoop in the traditional way around your waist, or as a target for bean bags, water balloons or a ball to be thrown into. Hold a skipping rope challenge to see who can jump the longest on one foot, or bring back the ‘Snake’ game, where you hold the rope close to the ground and move it back and forth for the kids to jump over without touching. If you don’t have all the gear at home visit Toymate or Big W.

Puddle Jumping 

Great for wet weather, pull out your favourite gum boots and head outside to jump in the puddles! Fresh air and freedom to splash around after the rain has passed is guaranteed to bring a smile to your child’s face, as well as your own.  

To find everything you need to recreate these classic playtime moments at home, visit Macarthur Square.

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