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Editorial The Scoop Artisan Gelato

Posted on 16 September by

Treat your tastebuds

The Scoop Artisan Gelato offers over 41 flavours, all made in-store using Australian products.

Banana Split | Australian Bananas Doused with Chocolate Fudge and Roasted Peanuts

Belgium Chocolate | Smooth & Silky Chocolate Straight from Belgium

Brownie | Made with Chunks of Homemade Chocolate Brownie

Caramilk | Gelato Caramel Milk Chocolate Gelato with Milk Chocolate Curls

Caramel Almond | Caramel Gelato with Nutella Fudge & Caramelised Almonds

Choc Malt Teaser | Choc Malt Gelato Layered with Crushed Maltesers

Cookie Dough|Cookie Dough Gelato with Choc Chip Cookie Dough & Choc Sauce

Dulce De Leche | Sweet Caramel Gelato with Toasted Macadamia Nuts

Espresso | Barista Made Espresso Gelato

Ferrero | Gelato Choc Hazelnut Gelato with Dark Chocolate Fudge & Roasted Hazelnuts

Frosty Vanilla | Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato

Gaytime | Gelato Toffee & Vanilla Gelato with Milk Chocolate Fudge & Biscuit Crumb

Hazelnut | Australian Roasted Hazelnuts Ground in House

New York Cheesecake | Made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese & Scattered Biscuit Crumbs

Nutella Gelato | Made with Real Nutella

Oreo Cookies & Cream | Oreo Gelato with Real Oreo Biscuit Crumb

Pavlova | Orange Infused Gelato with Passionfruit Topping & Meringue Pieces

Peanut Butter Cup | Roasted Peanut Chocolate Gelato with Peanut Fudge & Reeces Butter Cup

Pistachio | Australian Roasted Pistachios Ground in House

Red Velvet | Red Velvet Gelato with Chunks Of Red Velvet Cake

Salty Caramel | Salted Caramel Gelato Layered with White Chocolate

Strawberry | Gelato Real Strawberries & Cream

Tim Tam Gelato| Valrona Chocolate Gelato with Crushed Tim Tams

Tiramisu | Mascarpone & Espresso Gelato with Espresso Soaked Sponge Fingers



Raspberry Sorbet | Real Raspberries

Chocolate Sorbet | Decadent Dark Valrona Chocolate Gelato 

Coconut Sorbet | Pure Coconut

Lemon Sorbet | Freshly Squeezed Australian Lemons 

Mango Sorbet | Australian Kensington Pride Mangoes 

Passionfruit Sorbet | Real Passionfruit



Salty Peanut VSF | Roasted Peanuts with Almond Milk Base Sugar Free

Belgian Chocolate VSF | Belgian Chocolate with Almond Milk Base Sugar Free

Chocolate Hazelnut VSF | Belgian Chocolate & Hazelnut with Almond Milk Base Sugar Free 

Chocolate Orange VSF | Orange Infused Belgian Chocolate with Almond Milk Base Sugar Free 

Hazelnut VSF | Australian Roasted Hazelnuts with Almond Milk Base Sugar Free 

Pistachio VSF | Australia Roasted Pistachios with Almond Milk Base Sugar Free

Vanilla Bean VSF | Madagascar Vanilla Bean with Almond Milk Base Sugar Free



Crushed Oreo Biscuit V | Oreo Biscuit with Almond Milk base

Biscoff Lotus V | Biscoff Lotus Caramel Biscuit with Almond Milk base


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