This season’s hottest Christmas gifts for kids

Looking to spoil your littlest loves this festive season? Our latest gift guide takes you through our picks for cool Christmas gifts for kids for 2023.

  • 2 Nov 2023
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It’s that time of year again — the hunt for kids Christmas pressies is on! We know how much of a challenge it can be to find something special that your unique kid will love, so we’ve compiled the ultimate gift guide to give you some inspiration. Whether you're shopping for your own children, nieces and nephews, or family friends, the perfect gift is out there waiting for them!

Head into Macarthur Square where you’ll find everything you need to keep the kids happy this Christmas!

Barbie is back!

In case you haven’t noticed, Barbie is having a moment. With the blockbuster film propelling her back into the spotlight, Barbies are hitting the top of Christmas wish lists the world over. These timeless dolls are a diverse and inclusive gift option that are loved by all ages and with such a huge range on the market, you’ll find something for every kind of kid. Whether you’re starting your little one’s collection or they’re already Barbie-crazy, this is one of the best Christmas gifts for kids this year! Head to Toymate or Big W and select from a huge range of Barbies.  

For the little builder

Since the dawning of time, those little builders in your life have absolutely loved Lego. You know, those creatively colourful little blocks that you’ll need to avoid standing on! But that’s not all there is to choose from. Let their imagination run wild with duplo, magnetic blocks and mechano — there’s a set that’s perfect for any age. Visit Toymate or Target find everything you need to start your mini engineer’s career.

Board game gifts for competitive kids

Go old school this Christmas and rally the family around a board game. Choose from the classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, or head into Toymate, Target or Big W, to see what brand-new games are out this festive season.  

For the crafty kind of kid

Do you have a creative kid who loves some DIY? Is your home filled with handmade lava-filled volcanos and the most glittery unicorns that ever unicorned? Head to Lincraft, The Reject Shop or Eckersley and grab everything from slime-making kits and assorted modelling clays to easels and paints or a craft box filled with exciting goodies! 

It’s tech time

There’s no doubt that the little digital natives in your life will appreciate a tech gadget for their Christmas gift this year. Those hard-to-buy-for teens will love you when you hand over anything from a tablet or gaming console to headphones or a smartwatch. Check out JBFIHI for all the latest in tech for kids.  

For your sporty kid

What’s more Aussie than a game of cricket in the front yard on Christmas day? Grab sporting goods as a gift and knock Christmas for six. Whether you’re investing in big-ticket items like a bike or trampoline, or filling up the Christmas stocking with a grip ball set, head to Rebel Sports for sporting goods and other cool Christmas gifts for kids this year.  

Giving back

It’s never too early to teach your little ones how to give back. What better way to do it than with a charitable Christmas present? Many organisations offer charitable gift options that allow you to make a donation in a child's name. Or perhaps you could take your children to help you find an item for a gift drive at Big W or Target— this way they can see that they are a part of something bigger.  

Whether you’re buying for kids big or small, there is something out there for everyone. We look forward to seeing you at Macarthur Square when you shop for cool Christmas gifts for kids this festive season!  

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