5 Things Made to Get You Moving

Our essentials for the ultimate workout

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  • 15 Jun 2022

When it comes to fitness, quality gear is key. This season, get back on track and smash your wellness goals with our essential equipment checklist, tailored to your workout style. Whether you’re in the market for a fresh pair of runners, a luxe new smart watch or the perfect home yoga-studio setup, we’ve got you covered with our top tips for amping up your exercise experience. 

Smart watch  [product 1- INSERT IMAGE]
Considered the Holy Grail of wellness tech for many, the smart watch might just hold the key to your overall wellbeing this season. Take the guesswork out of good health with a device that tracks your daily movement, diet and quantity or quality of sleep. 

Activewear [product 2- INSERT IMAGE]
From sweat-wicking tees to high-rise leggings, select activewear that’s made for optimal performance. Regular runners should look for sportswear that offers high-impact support, while yogis might be better suited to loose-fitting tanks and stretchy styles that allow free movement.  

The right runners [product 3- INSERT IMAGE]
Top-of-the-line shoes aren’t just for marathon junkies. Invest in a pair of high-quality, well-fitted runners to keep blisters at bay and offer optimum cushioning. Ensure your shoes are fitted by an expert – they will take into consideration your gait and exercise needs to find the perfect pair. 

Headphones  [product 4- INSERT IMAGE]
Whether you’re listening to music on a walk or following an at-home Pilates class, chances are you’re plugged into your phone during your workout. A quality set of headphones or earbuds takes exercising to the next level, helping you stay connected and motivated all day long. Opt for a wireless option for tangle-free training. 

At-home equipment  [product 5- INSERT IMAGE]
Gear up for success with the essential tools for your at-home workout. Even the inclusion of just a few pieces of equipment can shake up your routine by introducing a whole range of new exercises. Start with the staples, like an exercise mat, set of dumbbells and range of resistance bands – you’ll be surprised by how much you can do with just a few pieces. 


Beauty & Wellness