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Macarthur Square
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FREE Dinosaur Fun!

Stomp into Macarthur Square these July School Holidays!

This exciting event will bring to life the greatest creatures ever to walk the Earth in a thrilling, interactive Jurassic themed activation!

Discover the land of the fallen dinosaurs at Macarthur Square and look out for jaw-dropping animatronics Dinosaurs located around the centre.

Enter the Interactive Immersion Zone, get creative and paint your own dinosaur!

Customers will also be receiving a Exclusive Retail Offers Flyer during the period.

Animatronics Dinosaur Locations:

Styracosaurus – Level 3, near Target

Stegosaurus – Level 3, near Coles

Triceratops – Level 3, Food Court, near Soul Origin

Blue the Raptor – Level 2, Centre Court, near Gloria Jeans

Pachycephalosaurus - Level 1, near Chemist Warehouse 

Where to find us

Centre Court

Level 2, near Gloria Jeans


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