Youth Solutions: Safer Summer Era

  • 17 Nov 2023
Live your ‘Safer Summer Era’: Campaign launch Youth Solutions Safer Summer Era provides toolkit for a safe summer

Celebration season is here and summer is on our doorstep! Youth drug and alcohol prevention service, Youth Solutions, is launching its Safer Summer Era campaign to provide local young people, and the wider community, with a ‘slay safe toolkit’; to help young people live their best (and safest) celebration season yet.

Young people and summer holidays go hand in hand. Studies are wrapping up for the year and celebrations, nights out, festivals and party season are ramping up. The Safer Summer Era campaign, launched this week, is aiming to share the latest tips, tricks and planning hacks for a memorable and safer summer.

The goals? To encourage community conversation and action across Macarthur and Wingecarribee to make safer celebrating the norm. The Safer Summer Era campaign will share practical advice and strategies to reduce alcohol-related harm and increase safer partying practices.

This year, a kind and generous donation from the Hunt Family Community Foundation will ensure the campaign can provide robust resources for young people. The newly-founded foundation, led by long-time Youth Solutions supporter Sue-Lei Hunt-Mingay, honours the legacy of the late Harry Hunt OAM by supporting projects that make a difference.

Youth Solutions Chief Executive Officer Geraldine Dean thanked the Hunt Family Community Foundation for its donation and support and encouraged all community members to heed the campaign advice for a Safer Summer Era.

  • Among the ways to get involved:
    Take the Safer Summer Era quiz (and go into the draw to win a $200 ‘For Everyone’ Gift Card!):
  • Download the Safer Summer Era’s ‘slay safe toolkit’:
  • Catch the Youth Solutions team at Macarthur Square Shopping Centre, Kellicar Lane, on Thursday 7 December, 4-7pm or at Julia Reserve Community Centre, Oran Park, on Wednesday 13 December, 3.30-5pm
  • Connect with the campaign content on Instagram and TikTok


  • Safer Summer Era – tip highlights:
    Decided to drink alcohol? Drink water or a non-alcoholic drink in-between each alcoholic drink. This helps to avoid feeling unwell. Also have a good feed – this helps to slow the absorption of alcohol
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with other drugs – this can be dangerous and potentially fatal
  • Plan ahead: how you are getting home? Make a plan and always have a trusted person you can call if things go wrong
  • Stay close with trusted friends, always, when you are out. Great friends make sure everyone gets
    home safe.
  • ALWAYS call for help in an emergency. If someone passes out and you are unable to wake them or if they become unwell, call Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance – it could save their life. Tell ambulance officers if your friend has had alcohol or drugs – it’s vital so they can be given the right care
  • View the full Safer Summer Era toolkit here – including tips for concerts and festival season and our checklist for planning your road trip or holiday