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Australia Post provides reliable and affordable postal, retail, financial and travel services.

Weekend Passport Service at Australia Post

If you’re planning on booking an overseas holiday and require a new passport or a passport renewal, Australia Post Macarthur Square has it covered for you. You can enjoy:

• No appointment passport interviews 6 days a week (with Sunday available by Appointment). That’s right no appointment necessary! Australia Post Macarthur Square recognises flexibility is important to you and that weekends may be the only time to sort out your errands, which is why someone is on standby to assist you when it’s convenient for you.
• Instant passports and ID photos – Australia Post will ensure your photo meets Australian Government requirements and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards. Plus it will only take minutes. This service is offered 7 days a week

It costs $19.95 for a set of high-resolution full colour photographs, printed on quality gloss paper and an additional $3 for an emailed digital copy. You can pay with cash, MasterCard or Visa, or by EFTPOS.

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