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The Gattea family’s jewellery success is best summed up as a tree of generational experience, the roots of their Aramaic ancestry, the branches of their families’ aspiration and the Crown being the present Generations Passion.

The families’ rich heritage is a powerful drive and is cemented in their genetics. It has been said that for as far as the family could remember they have been involved in metal crafting, direct ancestry links seven generations in the 1800’s and through genealogy tracing back three millennia’s to the ancient Sumerian tribes. Hand carved commemorative crafts produced in this era of the family’s history.



Gaining experience from their ancestry and honing their skills in the jewellery industry meant the grandchildren of the Gattea family have uncompromising passion on offer.

Their showroom, filled with exotic jewels and stories to match is not the only precious pieces on display; their true gem is the experience of generations before them and the formal knowledge about the industry they hold so dear. Their showroom consists of a full functioning jeweller’s workshop and the privacy of a design room.

The wealth of expertise is evident with an onsite gemmologist, Valuer and an in-house Diamond Cutter ensures their client’s upcoming milestone jewel is one to treasure. A desire to stand out in their industry through unique designing will lay the path for the Gattea legacy to endure and thrive with the next generation.

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