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Gong Cha aims to provide the best quality tea and beverages to its customers. We believe in offering natural, healthy, freshly brewed tea and beverages with a refreshing taste.

Customers Satisfaction is our goal offering refreshing beverages and services that leave our customers happy and healthy.

All our tea are freshly brewed daily in our Gong Cha outlets.

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Upcoming special opening hours
10 June - Monday () 10am - 4pm
Store Information
    • Monday 9am - 7:30pm
      Tuesday 9am - 7:30pm
      Wednesday 9am - 7:30pm
      Thursday 9am - 9:30pm
      Friday 9am - 7:30pm
      Saturday 9am - 7:30pm
      Sunday 9am - 7:30pm
  • 4627 2828
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