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Myhealth Medical Centre Macarthur Square has now opened.

Their state-of-the-art facilities are conveniently located on Level 1 across the road from Rashays.

Myhealth are a BULK BILLING medical centre offering high availability of doctors, short wait times and the highest standard of medical care in a family friendly environment.

Myhealth offer a full range of medical services including:
-          Family medicine
-          Chronic diseases
-          Children’s health
-          Women & Men’s health
-          Vaccinations & immunisations
-          Workcover
-          Skin cancer medicine
-          Physiotherapy, pathology and other allied health services also on-site.

For added convenience you can book online at or call  9030 0468.


What we sell

Level 1: Health Services
Best Parking

Geary Street, Green Carpark

map-compass Via Geary Street

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