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Tone is here to help you build full body strength and mental resilience through mindful and effective Pilates and Yoga movements. We offer a variety of classes including Hot Mat Pilates, Hot Power Yoga and Warm Yin Yoga. Move and sweat with us in our infrared heated studio for the added benefits including detoxification and increased flexibility. You will leave every session feeling more grounded, stronger and energised.

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Hot Mat Pilates, Hot Power Yoga, Warm Yin Yoga and more.

Store Information
    • Monday 6:15am - 7:15pm
      Tuesday 7:15am - 8:15am
      Wednesday 5:15am - 7:15pm
      Thursday 6:15am - 8:15pm
      Friday 6:15am - 11am
      Saturday 7:15am - 10am
      Sunday 8:15am - 5pm
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